teas // farm-grown, wildcrafted, and organic

teas // farm-grown, wildcrafted, and organic

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magical blends and single herb teas // caffeine free unless specified

herbs are harvested from my farm or the wild when at their peak. grown using no chemicals and biodynamic principles. sustainably wildcrafted in which to preserve the aliveness of the forests and pastures. herbs or spices are only purchased when i cannot find them in the wild or cannot grow them in the place i call home, the bitterroot valley of montana. when purchased, care it taken of the sourcing, the cleanliness, and the care taken in preservation so that they are the most vibrant ingredients for my tea blends. blends and varieties are ever changing as to what is available in the moment and what i have preserved in my apothecary.

all teas are hand packaged in zip-top food grade bags. tea balls are available for purchase here as well.

steep to your heart's desire. from 3-10 minutes for leaf/flower teas, boil for 3-10 minutes for root teas. my favorite way to make any tea is an overnight infusion: boil filtered water, add to a mason type jar filled with 1-3 teaspoons of your preferred tea. let steep overnight and strain if not using a tea ball. keep cold and drink within 24 hours, either reheated or cold.

varieties //

tulsi - farm-grown holy basil

holy rose - farm-grown holy basil, wild and farm-grown rose petals

happy kiddo - 

female tonic - 

greens goodness - 

sweet and spicy mint - 

thai sweet mint - farm-grown mint and sweet basil, fennel

allergy stop - 

weedy tonic - 

a cooling calm - 

rooted - 

be calm - 

digest zen - 

pregnancy - 

fall's heart - farm-grown holy basil, organic raw cacao, organic cinnamon.

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